It’s not possible to say the price for m³ because there are fixed costs regardless of the volume (m³) of the move. The ideal is to make an inspection (it’s free) to verify the volume (m³) and get the most accurate quotation of the move.

Yes, however, there are fixed costs regardless of the volume (m³) of the move, which can increase the cost of this tranportation in the concept of unaccompanied baggage.

For the transportation of few items or very little volume (m³), we recommend that you talk to the flight company of your preference to verify the cost for the transportation of your baggage as an overweight bag. In most of the cases you find a better cost-benefit.

The duration of a door to door international moving will depend on several factors, such as the origin and the destination of the move, customs documentation in the origin and destination and the shipment type: maritime or aerial. There are also the seasons of the year, mainly the school vacation seasons, in which the movement in the harbors and airports é much bigger and it can modify the deadlines. Nevertheless, the average time for an international door to door moving, considering the U.S.A and Europe as an example, is the one below:

Aerial = 30 days | Maritime = 65 days.

Every country has their regulation and necessary documentation to authorize the customs clearance of your move. For the brazilian customs, we provide a section in our online tracking service where you can put your personal information and automatically generate a list of documents and forms to be filled out. In the text below, just as a reference, an exportation of a move from Brazil:
-Private proxy (model provided by One Moving) with notarization
-Authenticated copy of the ID/Social number/Driver’s license/Passport
-E-ticket/Boarding pass by e-mail
For the customs in other countries, our coordination team will inform what are the necessary documents to authorize your move according to your borading type.

Yes. We have an online tracking system where you can see in which stage it is as well as the prediciton of the conclusion of each stage.

The payment can be done through deposit slips, TED (ETA – eletronic transfer available)/PIX, credit card and international transfer. The payment can be divided in ten instalments. Talk to our commercial team and say which is the best payment option for your necessities.

It depends on the country, but usually you can’t. There are some exceptions, for example, when the person already has a residence abroad. Our consulting team will you provide detailed information.

The insurance is not mandatory, however, we recommend that you buy it because there are some stages in the move that will not be under total watch of One Moving, for example, customs, flight companies and maritime companies. In case there is a loss, damage or misdirection in any of these stages, however rare it may be, you will be insured.

It depends on the volume (m³) of your move and it will be informed by our commercial team after the physical or virtual inspection of your move.

You don’t need to pack anything because One Moving packs all your goods. We take all the packing material and our team of packers will use the proper packing material to provide the best protection for your goods. We don’t recommend a package made by the client for safety reasons and because it is was not made by a package specialist.

Yes, it is really common. Talk to our team for more information.

Yes, it is really common. The new items must be declared in the move invetory as new items and their invoices or receipts must be kept and sent to our team. The importation of new items is regulated by the brazilian legislation and it is allowed to import items in a befitting quantity for personal usage. Our consultants are available to explain all the procedures with more details.

The Brazilian legislation allows the exportation of new items, but it will necessary to check whether the country you are going to allows the entrance of new items there or not. Our consultants are available to confirm whether it is possible depending on the destination of your international moving.

Only diplomats (not from Brazil) can bring cars, boats or whatever motorized vehicle to Brazil. Neither Brazilians nor foreigners are allowed to import cars or any type of motorized vehicles or boats to Brazil exempt from paying the taxes.

Yes, there are several forbidden items in a move, such as batteries, weapons, explosives, drugs, pornographic content, engines, cars. Talk to our team for more information.

The private proxy allows One Moving’s team to authorize your move at customs. However, there is the following rule:

The exportation of your move from Brazil: according to the Brazilian legislation your goods can only be moved from Brazil after the definitive departure of the traveller from Brazil. Nevertheless, in case you have travelled recently (within 6 months) to the destination of your move and you still have the e-ticket and the boarding pass from that trip, we can argue the customs.

The importation of your move to Brazil: according to the Brazilian legislation, you must be in Brazil after the arrival of your move at the airport or harbor.