Do you need some space to keep your items? We have personalized storage according to your necessities!

Either for reasons of moving, a makeover or simply lack of space, One Moving stores your goods in a personalized way, offering the collect and the delivery as a courtesy. Get a quote now to optmize your space!


    Advantages of ONE STORAGE:

    Collect and delivery without storage cost

    Conventional and acclimatized storage

    Pay only
    for the space you need!

    How the smart storage works

    With One Storage you store your goods in a simple, quick and organized way:


    Talk to our team of specialists.


    Make a video inspection or fill out the list of items that you need to store.


    Get your quote, at most, in 24 hours.


    Book the collect of your goods free of charges.

    You can require the delivery of your goods at any time. We take it to yout residence or company for free. Check the conditions.

    One Storage VS Self Storage

    Get to know One Storage

    Placed in Caieiras, a city near São Paulo, our warehouse has top notch technology that guarantees access control, safety and proper structure to your goods, furniture and artwork.