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The Trajectory of Ocean Shipping Rates: Trends and Challenges

The unprecedented surge in ocean freight costs observed during the pandemic is unlikely to resurface. Rates are currently experiencing a downward trend due to an oversupply of ships and the sluggish recovery of the global economy. Moreover, major global shipowners face challenges such as environmental regulations and the need for investments in Brazilian ports to […]

Business investment opportunities in Sao Paulo

The case with many large cities in developing countries is that they are in need of foreign capital. Why? Well, first and foremost, open and free trade eventually reaches out to this far-flung capital of lands which have only recently brought about free trade policies. Business investment opportunities in Sao Paulo are many and numerous […]

Most popular festivals in Brazil

It’s really not a secret that Brazil hosts some of the most popular festivals in the world. It’s indeed an array of wildly popular events that draw not only millions of dollars in revenue but also tourist attractions, foreign investments and loads of fun. Keep in mind that it’s extremely difficult to measure the popularity […]

Smart investments in Brazil to explore

When people of importance mention the world’s economy, very few people think of Brazil first. They think of US, EU, Russia, China, Japan and the like. Few would, indeed, think that there are any smart investments in Brazil that would attract potential investors. Those few who do think that way, they’re right. And congratulations if […]

Risks of hiring low-cost international movers

International moving, it should be said, is serious business. Of course, you want to hire reliable movers but such movers do not sell their services cheaply (at least by market standards). You can decide to race to the bottom and start hiring low-cost international movers, however, there are certain risks and precautions that you must […]

Reasons why people move to Brazil

Each year, this country welcomes large numbers of immigrants from around the globe. Consequently, international moving companies Brazil get busier each moving season. If you’re wondering why people move to Brazil, read on and find out. There are many answers to this question and here are some of them.

Housing options in Sao Paulo worth a look

Before you relocate to this wonderful city, make sure you prepare for it. Finding accommodation in Sao Paulo is one of the most important items on your to-do list. Every newcomer looking for a place to live should familiarize him/herself with the housing options in Sao Paulo before they start looking for residential movers in Brazil. […]

Beautiful beaches in Brazil to explore

Brazil has a lot of coastlines. Truly, a lot of it. The actual number is 7,491 kilometers of pure tropical coast. And it just so happens that many people, probably including yourself, like long walks, wine, and music on the beach. For this reason, we’re here to explore beaches in Brazil and their various peculiarities. […]

Top overseas places to retire to in 2018

Retirement is something most overworked people look forward to. If you are approaching retirement, it’s time to start thinking about good overseas places to retire to in 2018. Now is the time to relax and leave a lifetime of struggles behind. You know you deserve that. And why not do it abroad? Now that you […]